“Romance is the glamor which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” Elinor Glyn


When two people bring out the best in each other there is an unquenchable urge to please. We become consumed with romantic and erotic fulfillment and the world becomes seemingly void of time. This is my definition of forever - when we simply get lost in one another with no concept of the external environment. Upon parting, sweet memories will resound with an impact caused only by intense amour. We will float on ecstasy that sets off an aura of serenity causing friends to ask why we are so happy. Maybe it is just the romantic side of me but it is what happens when I meet a gentleman who is my consummate compliment! 

When our affections finally join, a tenderness of the heart met by fervent attraction will exhaust our desires. Just imagine unearthly cravings so profusely hot that we cannot wait to taste each other with each and every one of our senses. We will linger on words spoken in between caresses while sipping wine together. We will laugh about little nothings after riveting segments of intimacy. As we become more and more entangled, deep, carnal longings will have their way again and again. 

Let us celebrate life with the deepest of passion. Whether ours is a clandestine episode or a lascivious burst in time, the tiniest nuances make the biggest difference. I am a woman who is vivaciously expressive, terribly sensual and charmingly sincere. You are my match. What an explosive cocktail of an affair!

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