“I do not know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.” Marilyn Monroe

It is my absolute pleasure to create beautiful memories with you! In this regard, I will graciously accept your appreciation as a token of affection for my time, nothing more. Kindly review my consideration structure below.


I would like that our engagement begin and continue smoothly and without interruption. Any attempt at discussion of consideration will promptly and regrettably halt our date without further ado. Whether we meet in my location or yours, silently and visibly place my consideration in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom countertop. Should we meet in a public venue, greet me nonchalantly with a decorative gift bag containing my consideration in an envelope tucked between the folds of tissue paper. In the event that you would like to extend your time with me you may ask if my time is available. Preparing yourself in advance of what the additional consideration would be will limit any discussion to no more than a few words.

No matter the depth of chemistry that develops between us, it is understood that my time is valuable and not to be exceeded without appropriate consideration. As a VIP Luxury Companion, my leisure time is quite limited and thus my patronage gift structure reflects that scarcity.


A Taste of Ecstasy - (2 hours) ... 2,200

When life gets in the way and time is fleeting it is better to sample extreme sensuality than to starve. Beware of carnal dependency.


The Sweet Tryst - (3 hours) ... 2,800

Expect an experience so gratifying that you will only want more. Your desires are about to be exalted.


Dinner Date - (About 4 hours) ... 3,600

Let us indulge in fabulous dining over a bottle of splendid wine while cultivating our own sumptuous desert. Who knows the passion that awaits us while we retire to our hideaway?


The Evening - (About 6 hours) ... 4,800

A man such as you savors every moment as though it was the last. Gratification on every level leads to liberation of the spirit. Shall we explore together?


An Extended Evening - (About 8 hours) ... 6,400

Perhaps we will spend an afternoon discovering inexplicable attraction to each other that spills into the evening. Shall we have each other for lunch and dinner?


Overnight Romance – (About 15 hours) ... 7,800

Erotic rebirth will occur through a night of wild passion and furious intimacy greeted by a solitary dawn of tender moments to be shared.


A Delightful Day - 24 hours ... 10,000

Intoxicating Ecstasy of pure Hedonistic delight. Endless romance to be cherished and not soon forgotten.


CouplesThere is nothing that excites me more than the erotic energy between a man and a woman. I am incredibly attracted to the feminine form and am a master at facilitating a sense of ease between couples.

No additional gifts are required for Couple dates.


Vacation / Travel:

Epicurean Affair: 2 days/nights (48 hours) … 14,000

Imagine the passionate intensity of an entire lifetime condensed into two fervent days. I cannot guarantee that you will ever be the same again..nor will I. 

(e.g, weekend in San Francisco, New York, Santa Fe)


Amorous Tryst: 3 days/nights (72 hours) … 18,000

Let’s live it up with pure abandon! Moments will vibrate with sensual magic as we peel away thoughts and worries to discover pure bliss on every level. A weekend retreat spent shopping, wine tasting and fine dining. Prepare to fall in love over, and over and over again!

(e.g, Hawaii, New York, Miami, Cabo etc.)


Spoil You Rotten: 7 days/nights (a week of romance) … 27,000

As a gentleman, you do not know what it means to be utterly whisked away by my natural, uninhibited charms until you have spent a marvelous week with me. Expect to be pampered!

(e.g, Caribbean, Dubai, Bahamas, Bora Bora, France etc.)


  • All packages exclude travel expenses. Additional consideration may be requested for engagements further than 20 miles driving distance from my location, which is Beverly Hills. Dates equal to or longer than 6 hours may require a 50% non-refundable deposit.
  • All bookings require 48-hour advance request. My personal preference is couple of weeks notice for our first rendezvous. 
  • Occasionally, the need to cancel or reschedule may present itself. In this case, advance notice is appreciated. Please be mindful of my time and understand that last minute cancellations will most likely require a deposit for us to reschedule another date.


  • As you might have guessed, I love to travel! With sufficient notice, I can join you almost anywhere in the world. If we have never met but you would still like for me to join you for an extended period of time I require two weeks notice to book my flight, travel expenses paid in full before I book my flight and  50% deposit of my patronage. 
  • If you need to cancel our date (please do so with at least 3 business days prior to our rendezvous), I will keep the deposit for up to 6 months leaving you plenty of time to reschedule our retreat.
  • In an event of last minute cancellation, which turns my schedule upside down, I will keep the deposit.
  • Naturally, my Patronage is non-negotiable.
  • Hourly discounts are not offered.

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