“Etiquette is the fine tuning of education.” Nadine Daher


I am drawn to the gentleman for whom appropriate etiquette is second nature. As a lady, I find inconsiderate actions unacceptable from any suitor. I am a firm believer that each person should do unto others as you would have them do to you. 

Politeness is paramount

Well-mannered and courteous interaction always characterizes the time that I spend with a gentleman friend. Such communication promotes harmony and sets the stage for an explosive encounter. I am unable to entertain anyone with anything less than a good-natured attitude. 

Thoughtfulness is unsurpassed

Kind gestures go miles and leave a lady feeling emotionally appreciated. A courteous man does not think twice about extending little nuances that hit home as priceless actions. The result? Only such a man will discover… 

Good hygiene is vital

Not only is cleanliness absolutely essential, but it is extremely attractive! It is one thing to have bathed. It is quite another to present oneself in an overall manner that is polished and well put together. 

Consideration is seamless

Following a standard code of behavior, placement of consideration should be done in silence at the beginning of our date. There should be no discussion, mention or haggling of my patronage. Doing so will end our engagement before it has even begun. 

Photos are not distributed 

My images are viewable here on my website. Requesting of additional photos to be emailed will give me strong indication that our acquaintance is not meant to be. Once we have met on several occasions, feel free to request access to the private gallery. I will continue adding new photos to the private gallery for your exclusive enjoyment.

Email manners are required

Please remember that email is not a forum for vulgarity or rudeness which will trigger the delete button. After we have met, I am thrilled to hear from you and I thoroughly enjoy communicating with you and having our own special friendship. Please continue adhering to the vulgarity-free and explicit-free dialogue in emails even after we meet.

Services are understood

My packages are simple and direct. I am a companion, a muse so to speak to the few and the very discerning. Please do NOT inquire about X Y and Z acronyms, I find such questions distasteful and will not respond to such emails and inquiries. Services offered will always remain unspoken and not discussed. 

Reviews and the expected approach

While I welcome your feedback and  reviews, I wish that they remain tasteful. Please do not include any personal or explicit details that we may share when we are together. Please be courteous and thoughtful and do not disclose private details about me such as, my hobbies, travel destinations I frequently visit, name of my pet, university that I am attending or location of my oasis or even my celebrity look-a-like. I value my privacy and I hope you treat me with the same discretion as I do with your personal information. Discretion is something I cherish, in return, please honor my need for privacy by not disclosing any private information you may learn about me during our dates. That includes private messaging(pm) on the review boards. Bragging and not adhering to my privacy protocol will result in termination of our relationship.


Website Disclaimer

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By choosing to continue past this disclaimer, you release and discharge the owner of this website and all parties involved with the creation, maintenance and hosting of any and all liability which may arise from your actions.